Good Works

Stories of People Striving Towards a World in which

God’s Love and God’s Grace Inform Our Works and Our Deeds

In this current political climate it may be hard for folks to understand how the church can and should respond. How can we ourselves answer the call to lift up our cross and carry it daily as followers of Jesus Christ? What does it mean to follow Christ? How can we change anything? Does it do any good to put on a Pink hat and declare our distaste for the current building up of empire? At St. Johns UCC we may not have all the answers. At our church we are blessed with location. We are situated in one of the poorest neighborhoods in the state of Michigan. This means that the need for God’s grace and Love come knocking on our door on a daily basis multiple times. At St. John’s UCC we don’t need to ask ourselves some of these tough questions because we are reminded of the cross we all bear. But some of us struggle with affecting larger change. This is where the following links come in. These are the folks doing the tough work of connecting faith, church, works, God, Christ and the Holy Spirit to our daily lives. Some are devotional. Some are political. Some are theological. All give voice to the struggle of living as a Christian in a country divided against itself. We all must work towards healing and unity. Maybe these sites will offer inspiration along with the idea that we are not alone in our struggle.

May God bless us and keep us: one and all.

UCC has a vision of a just world for all people which will guide and shape the future work of the United Church of Christ. 

United Church Of Christ

Sojourners magazine is a monthly publication of the Christian social justice organization Sojourners, which arose out of the Sojourner’s Community.

Sojourner’s Magazine

Mother Jones focuses on news, commentary, and investigative reporting on topics including politics, the environment, human rights, and culture. 

Mother Jones Magazine

 THE WORK OF THE PEOPLE is an independent ecumenical platform that produces and publishes multimedia to stir imagination, spark discussion and move people toward discovery and transformation. 

The Work of the People

Patheos is hosting the conversation on faith


Ghetto Monk is on a search for justice and freedom, hoping to lift the spirits of the downtrodden with words of solidarity and hope.

The Ghetto Monk

This is an article from Sojourner’s Magazine. An important article.

How Black Lives Matter Changed My Theology

We invite you to return to this page often as we will share and update more information. This page is dedicated to those doing the good hard work of creating church and caring for each and everyone of God’s sun kissed children.

It Is Love?